Recruitment Officer

苏州 工业园区
1. Be responsible for all administrative staff recruitment.
1) Answering queries from applicants about vacancies, application procedure, application progress, basic information of XJTLU, etc.
2) Sorting and reviewing CVs as they arrive on a daily basis. Managing the flow of paper applications and the recruiting email box. Providing a first review of CVs. Maintaining a filing system that retains qualified applications for one year.
3) On the basis of the job description for each administrative post, looking through all application documents and conducting the first screening.
4) Delivering all application documents (electronic version or hard copy) for the administrative posts to related HoDs/Directors/SMT to make shortlists.
5) Arranging interviews when getting shortlists from members of HoDs or SMT, including contacting interviewees by phone and email, explaining the process and requirements of interview, reserving interview venues, etc.
6) Preparing and distributing all necessary documents for each interview, including the interview timetable, CVs and forms, to the interview panel members.
7) Co-ordinating with IT staff to prepare necessary equipment for interviewees’ presentation.
8) Co-operating with ELC tutors to create English written test paper for each admin post and mark the interviewees’ English test paper, and inform interview panel members of the results of English written test.
9) Assisting interviewees for the reimbursement of travel expenses if necessary.
10) Completing the financial form for transferring expenses of placing adverts to external web channels.
2. Other duties (20%)
1) Inputting and updating the HR databases for employees’ information, must including new hire/arrival, renewal and leaves, keeping all information and related documents in a timely and organized manner.
2) Assisting to provide all kinds of statistical data of XJTLU’s staff members to the management, related departments or SIP, as necessary or inquired.
3) Assisting to edit the pre-arrival staff ID numbers and send relevant information of new staff members to related department for preparing offices, PCs, Email accounts, library accounts, etc., as requested. Making sure that the work space, computer and other equipment, mailbox, and appropriate installed software are ready for the new employee"s start day.
4) Supporting team leader with other ad-hoc assignments or other duties as assigned by the HRD or the VP. Providing weekly report to team leader.
Skills and Knowledge:
1. Effective problem-solving skills.
2. Knowledge of recruitment process.
3. Computer literate proven ability to use excel, word, standard databases to input and email packages;
4. Able to present information in forms, tables, and spreadsheets.
5. Shall be an effectual communicator verbally as well as through writing skills.
6. Shall be committed to diversity and equality culture.
7. Ability to operate under immense pressure.
8. Good interpersonal, communication and team working skills.
9. Able to deliver effective results, meet tight deadlines and targets.

Qualifications and Experience:
1. Bachelor degree in HR, management, English, or equivalent.
2. 2 years or above of experiences in HR recruitment related field.
3. Excellent English skills, both written and spoken. CET-6 is preferred.
4. Highly motivated and committed professional, able to work both as part of a team and on their own initiative;
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