Chinease Language Teacher

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Chinese Language Teacher
Post Specifications
The Language Centre is currently recruiting a Chinese language tutor with expertise and experience of teaching academic modules in Classical Chinese and Chinese Writing, to be delivered as part of the BA China Studies at the university. Successful candidates may also be asked to teach Chinese classes for staff and Chinese classes for visiting groups when necessary.
The successful applicant will be educated to Master’s degree level in Chinese Linguistics/Teaching Chinese or equivalent, and preferably have some experience of teaching in these areas at university level. The teaching load for Tutor at this level may involve teaching across different modules and may contain several different teaching components. They will be expected to:
1.To provide systematic and constructive feedback on students’ language performance and coursework;
2.To assist in the development of course materials;
3.To provide pastoral support to students allocated under the University’s academic advisor scheme;
4.To participate in in-service teacher development sessions, staff and planning meetings;
5.To give such instruction and to take such part in University examinations as shall be assigned to them;
6.To perform such duties within the University as shall be assigned to them by the Director of the Language Centre or their nominee;

Person Specification
1. Have relevant teaching experience (as part of qualification or post-qualification);
2. Hold a MA or PhD in Chinese Linguistics/Teaching Chinese, or an equivalent qualification;
3. Possess an good standard of spoken and written English (the working language of the university)
4. Possess good IT skills



1. 负责汉语课程的教学工作,课程主要包括:古代汉语、文字学概论、留学生及外教的汉语课;
2. 对学生的语言表现及课程作业提供系统而有建设性的反馈意见;
3. 建设课程,充实教学素材;
4. 参加学校及部门的相关会议;
5. 担任大一学生的个人导师,为学生提供学业的支持和咨询;
6. 参加学校及部门举办的教师培训活动;
7. 与其他教师共同协作,保证课程的连贯性和一致性;
8. 做好教学材料的归档;
9. 在考试期间负责监考等相关考务工作;
10. 完成学校布置的各类常规工作;
11. 积极参加科研和自我学习,提升自己的科研和教学水平。

1. 有相关教学经验;
2. 中国语言文学或对外汉语教学相关专业,硕士及以上学历;
3. 较好的英文口语及书面能力,能适应英文的工作语言环境;
4. 熟悉计算机应用操作。

How to apply:
To apply for the position, please visit the following website and apply online before the closing date: . You need to register and then login to complete each part of the application process, including Basic Information, Cover Letter, Job Title and Reference and Equal Opportunities Form. Remember to attach your CV when completing the Basic Information form, and the covering letter (in English) should outline your interest in the post and explain how you meet the criteria.
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